Scott Pruitt Made Staff Drive Him Around To Find His Favorite Lotion

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Which lotion was it?

As a Cabinet official, Pruitt has access to the exclusive Navy-run restaurant, where prices are much lower than comparable eateries in downtown D.C. But that didn't stop Pruitt from racking up a sizable bill. "And you know, somebody has to say that about you a little bit", Mr. Trump told him Wednesday during a briefing on the coming hurricane season.

That business opportunity turned out to be Pruitt's desire to acquire a fast-food franchise for his wife.

Pruitt is now the subject of multiple inquiries into his actions at the agency from ethics watchdogs, federal auditors and congressional committees.

GOP members of Congress have largely followed Trump's lead in sticking by Pruitt, though there were increasing signs cracks are developing in that support.

Pruitt announced the departure of aide Millan Hupp in a statement Wednesday.

CNN, the Washington Post, and other outlets have attacked Pruitt for renting out a condominium owned by lobbyists.

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"According to one top EPA official", The Atlantic adds, Hupp, "was 'tired of being thrown under the bus by Pruitt, ' and weary of seeing her name constantly appear in headlines about the agency".

"EPA is doing really, really well", Trump said at an event at Federal Emergency Management Agency headquarters attended by Pruitt.

She is the fourth senior EPA political appointee to resign in the last two months, since news first broke that Pruitt past year leased a bargain-priced Capitol Hill condo tied to an oil and gas lobbyist.

Hupp recently testified before the House oversight committee that she did many personal tasks for Pruitt, including house-hunting and inquiring about obtaining a used Trump hotel mattress.

Pruitt's alleged use of his EPA position to help job-search for his family is improper because he put aides to work, and because "by using his staff he brought in the imprimatur of the agency, he invoked the authority of the agency", said Virginia Canter, ethics counsel with the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington nonprofit.

"I don't think it looks good but I like what the administrator has been doing from a policy perspective", he said.