Amazon to show 20 Premier League games a season to customers

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Like Amazon's other TV shows and movies, from the 2019/20 season, Premier League football will be available as part of a Prime Video subscription, which itself comes as standard as part of an Amazon Prime subscription.

Sky and BT will still show the vast majority of live matches, with 128 and 52 - BT having been awarded the other package up for grabs on Thursday of 20 games at a reported cost of £90 million - respectively. The Premier League comprises of 20 teams, and the package of 20 games will cover two full rounds of fixtures, thereby including all participant teams.

Inc. bought a package of live broadcasting rights for English Premier League soccer, the first foray by a US tech giant into a top European championship. understands that the prospect of a global Premier League television deal could be discussed in the near future, with one rights holder owner working in partnership with the league to broadcast the matches around the world.

Amazon picked up one package, while BT secured the final batch of games to add to their original tally.

The deal will run between 2019 and 2022 and it will come at no extra cost to Amazon Prime members who will also be able to watch a full highlights show from the Premier League every week.

Under the new formula, the maximum a club can receive is 1.8 times the amount received by the lowest-earning club, the Premier League said in a statement.

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It makes complete sense for one of the online streaming services to pick up a Premier League package.

In a separate announcement the Premier League also agreed that there would be a change in the distribution of money gained from the foreign broadcast deal.

Amazon Prime already broadcasts live sports, such as the US Open tennis and NFL American football.

"There is huge appetite for the Premier League in Ireland and we are very pleased to have concluded this process which ensures more matches than ever before will be available live from 2019/20 onwards", said Premier League chief Richard Scudamore.

"It is a bold move for the Premier League to say we are going to start broadcasting online", he said.

He cautioned that "Amazon's current business model is unsustainable to support the acquisition of costly live sports rights in the long term" and predicted that Amazon will introduce a new sports channel bundle for Prime subscribers.