Fallout 76 Announced With Teaser Trailer on Mysterious Bethesda Game Studios Stream

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That's about all we know, so let's get into some guesswork.

It was to everyone's surprise that Bethesda announced something Fallout related was coming to E3 this year. We'll certainly find out in just a few weeks!

We've reached out to Bethesda for a comment, but until it responds, this is all just speculation. Yeah. probably not this time.

Since it was a teaser trailer we don't have a ton of information to go on but we do have some clues. The rumor mill has Fallout 76 pegged as an online action RPG.

Not yet, although with E3 almost here expect that to change soon.

While very little of substance materialized yesterday, many thousand fans eagerly followed Bethesda's Twitch stream which showed little more than a Vault Boy bobblehead and a "Please Stand By" image.

What is Fallout 76?

Here at Game Revolution it's been non-stop talking about Fallout, which fits pretty well because it seems as if all of the world has caught the same bug too.

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While many are assuming this is Fallout 5 with a weird name, all the rumours point elsewhere, specifically Fallout 76 being something online or multiplayer related.

What is certain is that Fallout 76 will lean heavily in Americana, with multiple references to the founding of the United States found in the trailer. The tweeter, Nibel, also has a good track record for leaks and rumours.

What do you think of this new Fallout?

What was Vault 76 and why was it special? The title refers to Vault 76, a "control" vault that has been said to house up to 500 inhabitants and that would only open 20 years after a nuclear apocalypse.

The reveal trailer shows off an abandoned Vault 76 adorned with the Vault-Tec trademark blue and yellow color scheme and Pip-Boy statues wherever you look. The previous generations had two Fallout games, both Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas were critically acclaimed and loved by fans.

We further see our vault resident wearing a vault suit with a big "76" on its back, hinting that the player's origin will be of Vault No. 76. Basing a game around it is significant because of that, but also give free reign to make it nearly anything.

The vault is known as a control vault and was created to be automatically opened after 20 years to compare the results with the other vaults in the area. From the trailer, you can see how well-maintained the vault is with confetti and decorations plastered all over the place appearing as if it's ready for a party.