Clapper on 'Spygate': I never have liked the term 'spy'

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions pauses while speaking at a Senate Appropriations subcommittee on the Department of Justice's budget on Capitol Hill, Wednesday, April 25, 2018, in Washington.

In a second tweet Tuesday, Trump said the special counsel's team should instead be investigating the campaign of his Democratic opponent, whom he described a "totally Crooked Hillary Clinton".

Sessions has never regained Trump's trust and confidence, even though he may be carrying out the president's agenda more effectively than any other Cabinet member by cracking down on illegal immigration, seeking tougher penalties on criminals and reversing an array of Justice Department policies instituted by former President Barack Obama.

"There are lots of really good lawyers in the country, he could have picked somebody else!"

A senior House Republican briefed on the FBI's Russian Federation probe is disputing President Donald Trump's allegation that the agency spied on his 2016 campaign for political purposes.

Trump wanted Sessions to take control of the Russian Federation matter, the Times reported, in order to protect him - he evidently felt he could exercise more control over Sessions than over Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who eventually appointed special counsel Robert Mueller.

Sanders responded by again suggesting that McCabe's firing for allegedly lacking candor during the Hillary Clinton email investigation somehow supports Trump's baseless spying allegations.

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A way to keep the cast and crew together in some way? It's unclear if " Roseanne's " 10th season will be eligible for any Emmys. ET, quoted Herman Cain on Fox saying "I believe they were looking for a reason to cancel #Roseanne and here's why".

But I think when you get involved in a presidential campaign you have to be Caesar's wife. Just last week, Trump tweeted a quote from Napolitano apparently delivered on Fox News: "It's clear that they had eyes and ears all over the Trump Campaign", Trump quoted Napolitano as saying.

"It looks to me like the Federal Bureau of Investigation was doing what President Trump said: 'I want you to do, find it out, '" Gowdy told Fox News.

Trump himself has escalated his attacks on Mueller's investigation in recent weeks. He did, however, seek out and meet several Trump campaign advisers. Former White House chief of staff Reince Priebus had previously been told by Mr. Trump in July that Sessions had to go, but Priebus delayed, and Mr. Trump ultimately let go of the idea of forcing Session to resign.

"No one came out of that classified intel meeting and said, 'Aha! there's a smoking gun, '" Camerota said, asking if it's "possible you're practicing selective hearing, Matt?"

In essence, Mr. Trump has never forgiven Sessions for recusing himself because he wanted an attorney general similar to the way the president perceived Obama Attorney General Eric Holder - defiant, politically ruthless and willing to defend the Obama administration on all fronts.

"If he were my client", Gowdy said, "I would say, if you've done nothing wrong, then you need to sit down with Mueller".

Karl followed up, pointing out to Sanders that "Gowdy was in the briefing, he knows what was done and he'e saying that these allegations are baseless, there was no spying on the Trump campaign".