Ireland: Anti-abortion group calls vote result 'a tragedy'

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At the heart of this vote is whether or not to reverse a far-reaching 1983 referendum that inserted an amendment into Ireland's constitution that committed authorities to equally defend the right to life of a mother and that of a fetus from the moment of conception.

Ireland has one of the strictest abortion laws in the world.

At present, women in Ireland who have an abortion are punishable by up to 14 years in prison.

Beyond issues of reproductive justice, the obvious legal flaws in the amendment were well flagged. British Department of Health figures for 2016 show that 3,265 women with addresses in the Republic of Ireland obtained abortions in Britain that year.

What is the 8th amendment? Miss C was in the care of the Irish state at the time and was brought to the United Kingdom for abortion despite legal action from her parents to stop it.

"Yes" campaigners are urging voters to repeal the eighth amendment of the constitution, which equates the right to life of the mother with her unborn child's. But 20 years later, in 2012, legislation had still not been enacted. Later abortions would be allowed in special cases.

Savita died of sepsis having been refused a potentially life-saving abortion despite her and her husband's repeated requests. "The baby and the inhumanity of abortion are rarely mentioned in the political debates", Buckley said in his statement.

In EU member Poland, which has one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the bloc, a new bill, which could pass in parliament where conservatives have a majority, would outlaw abortion except in cases where the mother has been raped or is a victim of incest. Picture taken 7 May 2018.

Savita Halappanavar's death has been a rallying cry for the movement. Now under Irish law a woman who develops a health condition throughout her pregnancy, be it life threatening or otherwise, will be denied any medication and healthcare that her doctor feels poses any threat to the pregnancy, for fear of the legal repercussions. She was suicidal, and an early delivery of her pregnancy was eventually performed because it had progressed beyond the point of viability.

It is not an oversimplification to say that these cases mobilized a generation.

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The pro-repeal "Abroad for Yes" campaign has set up an online platform to connect those who can not vote with those who are eligible but can not afford to travel. "She's a young woman". The last vote on the issue was 35 years ago. That is, if I don't suffocate first on the irony of appealing to paternalistic masculine bullshit that positions women as helpless in order to maintain the structure of paternalistic masculine bullshit that (sometimes) positions women as dead.

Have you always been Pro-choice? She certainly bears little resemblance to the lazy stereotype of the disengaged millennial, more concerned with their cappuccino than the wellbeing of others.

With recent surveys suggesting the outcome is too close to call, pro-choice campaigners hope the return of recent emigrants, who tend to be relatively young, will swing it in their favour.

Pro-repeal campaigners claim that around 170,000 women have travelled overseas, mostly to Britain, to seek abortions since.

There is no reason to believe that the number of abortions will rise because it is legalized. "How can I take the pressure off you so you don't feel so driven towards abortion?" she told AFP. This inequality of access to abortion is one of Ireland's great hypocrisies. A spokeswoman for the LoveBoth campaign group, Geraldine Martin, says Ireland's health minister should give more financial support to women who might end a pregnancy because they can not afford to raise a child.

"She didn't get the medical treatment she needed because of the Eighth Amendment", Halappanavar's father told the Guardian this month.

Weeks of campaigning ahead of the abortion referendum have polarised opinion across the country.

What is the main argument for repealing the 8th amendment? Nobody, it appeared, knew she was pregnant. "Women need better healthcare; they need an Ireland that puts them first". The leader of Fianna Fáil, main opposition party, guaranteed that deputies of ir formation who supported No in campaign, 32 of 44, "will not stand in way of will of Irish people".

In August, Francis will visit Ireland for the World Meeting of Families, a gathering held in a different country every three years, to promote Catholic family values. And yet the legacy of the church's control in society will continue beyond the referendum. His criticism centered on the use of images of people with Down Syndrome.

"Please vote yes on Friday!".