Google is Working to Address Issues of Disclosure with Duplex AI

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The swipe has to be performed from the menu button.

Now you need to go to Settings General. With the release of Android P, Google is trying to change that.

Part of this Google's Material Design initiative is Material Theming, a plugin for Sketch.

YouTube has got a new feature named "Remind me to take a break" that can remind the user that they should take a break from their binge-watching regime and give them a cue that there is a world outside. And they're even more hard to ignore when they start pitch-perfectly mimicking human interaction. For developers, it provided handy tips and tools for making software easier to use.

LG Electronics Inc, Xiaomi Technology Co Ltd and other smartphone makers will begin integrating artificial intelligence into devices so that users can pull up reviews for a piece of clothing by holding their cameras up to it.

Square Enix E3 Showcase 2018 arrives on June 11
Square Enix has taken to their Twitter account to announce their E3 2018 showcase, coming on Monday, June 11 at 10 a.m. The Square Enix E3 Showcase 2018 will be broadcast on Monday June 11, 2018, on You Tube, Twitch , and Mixer .

This is the first significant overhaul of the OS in about four years, and it helps in bringing all the universal design language to Android.

Google's head of Material Design, Matías Duarte, told The Verge that Material Design became a victim of its own success, with developers treating it as "gospel", resulting in a sea of similar-looking apps.

Now known as Android P, the new software will also use AI heavily to help streamline battery use to only the most frequently used apps.

Waymo has been testing out the technology on public roads in the metropolitan area through it's "early riders" program - but soon, anyone will be able to download the app and hail a ride. Google's AI technology isn't smart enough to learn to do many other things quickly. Our interactions with them for now are over text, thus mitigating the potential for misuse. And that's where Material Theming comes in. This is all possible due to Google's vast Artificial Intelligence. Google also introduced 6 new voices for the trusted Google Assistant. When you've reached that limit, the app icon is greyed out for the rest of the day. As Google's study notes, this does not meant that AI will replace doctors in the future. As Google readily admits, the restrictive nature of Material Design made adding flair and identity to an app without sacrificing its ease of use and consistency was "tedious and inefficient". Let's wait and see for further development.

And Google is even practicing what it preaches.