Should Congress restore net neutrality?

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Why now? Senators, a lot of them Democrats, are pushing for a vote to overturn the FCC's repeal of net neutrality rules. Ed Markey of MA will try to force the Senate into a vote to reverse net neutrality under the Congressional Review Act.

In December, the FCC rescinded the 2015 Open Internet Order, which prohibited internet service providers from setting up internet fast and slow lanes and ensured they could not block or slow down internet traffic.

Regardless of how the Senate votes this month, the Congressional Review Act (CRA) effort will not provide Americans with lasting protections for the internet.

Democrats say they easily have the support of 30 senators that's needed to send the CRA to the Senate floor. The audio is below. "Congress must codify widely accepted net neutrality protections through bipartisan legislation", Mr. Thune wrote in a CNBC op-ed Wednesday. "This upcoming Senate vote will be our opportunity to save net neutrality and deliver the digital future that Americans deserve".

More than 20 states have filed a lawsuit to stop the net neutrality repeal.

While a Senate vote appears to be one of the final chances to stop the FCC rule, getting the necessary votes is going to be an uphill battle.

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"Americans do not want access to the internet to look like access to cable channels, where ISPs set up paid schemes to prioritize some websites and services over others".

Other supporters believe that net neutrality is imperative for free expression.

In December 2017, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) voted to repeal laws on net neutrality that had been put in place by President Obama.

Democrats said that was a mistake and are trying to take advantage of what they said is net neutrality's broad public support to make Republicans pay at the polls in November's midterm elections. If Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) - now on a medical leave of absence - doesn't vote, the measure is poised to pass the Senate by one vote.

Ajit Pai was a vocal critic of net neutrality even before he became the FCC Chairman. And we will embrace a modern, forward-looking approach that will help the United States lead the world in 5G, the next generation of wireless connectivity.

For opponents of the FCC's repeal of the Obama-era Open Internet Order, the resolution is the lynchpin to reversing last year's controversial decision by the commission. We can but dream that net neutrality isn't dead just yet. The move was pretty widely regarded as being awful, with FCC chairman Ajit Pai being singled out in particular for vitriol.