Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Comes to Nintendo Switch This Summer

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After Monster Hunter World seemingly increased its reach across new gamers of the series, it's nearly certain that this release will be welcomed with open arms. Monster Hunter: World got its time to shine as the latest and greatest, and now Generations Ultimate will step back for a bit and let players hunt anywhere they like when it launches on August 28 for Nintendo Switch.

Capcom has confirmed that the follow up to Monster Hunter Generations - named Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate - is coming to United States an European Union regions on August 28 2018.

Like in other games in the series, players will hunt creatures in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.

Transfer your save data from Monster Hunter Generations on Nintendo 3DS to continue the hunt in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate on Nintendo Switch! The game is a follow up to "Monster Hunter Generations", and marks the series debut on Nintendo Switch. Take on the role of a courageous hunter on an adrenaline fuelled adventure challenging larger than life beasts. In Japan, the games were called Monster Hunter X and Monster Hunter XX respectively.

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And if that doesn't sound challenging enough there's also the new G Rank missions which focus on the revamped monsters and are much harder than anything in the original.

Hunter Arts can be used with a tap on the touch screen, and there are different Hunting Styles including two new ones: Brave Style and Alchemy Style.

The game is also very similar to Monster Hunter: World, especially as the Switch will have access to more traditional controls than those offered by the 3DS. It was initially released for the Nintendo 3DS and later ported to Nintendo Switch. Here, players face more formidable versions of familiar monsters using different moves and abilities.

Brave Style - Land a series of attacks to build up a meter that will open up new evasive maneuvers and powerful weapon combos.