Liquid chocolate spills onto Polish highway, creates sticky mess

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Social media footage showed all four lanes of the highway connecting Warsaw to the City of Poznan covered in the confectionary.

A large tanker truck crashed and rolled in Poland, spilling gallons of liquid chocolate across the major A2 highway.

According to the manufacturer, spilled chocolate is more hard to remove than oil and needs to be shifted gradually using pressurised hot water.

However, it is not clear what might have caused the truck to overturn.

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The New York Times reported local authorities saying the mess would take some time to clean-up after the chocolate hardened in the spring sunshine. The vehicle lurched, the tank's contents spilled out onto the road, and the driver was hospitalized with a broken arm.

The slippery surface of solid chocolate on the road is a worse hazard than snow, a spokesman for the fire brigade said.

"It will take several hours", local firefighter chief Bogdan Kowalski told TVN24 television.

Firefighters used hot water to remove the chocolate, which was drying quickly in the sun.