Armenian opposition leader calls for more protests

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"Moreover, Karen Karapetyan maintains the position that negotiations in front of cameras imply that these talks are not aimed at achieving any result". He said it during the process of reviewing of candidates for PM post. "I discussed the current situation and ways to settle it with Armen Rustamyan and Arsen Ambartsumyan", Pashinyan wrote on Facebook on Friday, reported Russian state news agency TASS.

Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier this week spoke by phone with the interim head of government.

The Kremlin elaborated on the contents of the conversation in a statement.

The HHK holds 58 seats in Armenia's 105-member parliament.

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation on Friday called on all parliamentary factions in Armenia to form a common political agenda and to agree on a common candidate for Armenia's next Prime Minister.

"We want change in Armenia and Pashinyan to be elected prime minister right away", said Arman Ovsepyan, a musician.

Earlier this week, Pashinyan ruled out challenging the presence of Russian military bases in Armenia or membership of Russia-led military and economic alliances.

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He is sure that all the politicians, including Pashinyan and Karapetyan, must step from that fact, irrespective of the outcome of domestic fight. "This is an awakening where people demand more freedom, people demand more transparency from the government".

The chances of Armenia's Velvet Revolution ending peacefully increased dramatically on April 28 after the ruling Republican Party of Armenia (HHK) said it will not nominate Acting Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan or any other candidate for the vacant post of prime minister ahead of a vote scheduled for an emergency session of parliament on May 1.

Meanwhile, the former ruling coalition party that has seven seats in parliament, Dashnaktsutyun, announced that it was formally supporting Pashinian's candidacy in the May 1 parliamentary vote.

Leader of the National Assembly's Yelk bloc Nikol Pashinyan, who has been leading anti-government rallies since April 13, has urged to cease all actions of civil disobedience and announced plans to hold meetings with parliamentary factions.

Armenia has been in the grips of a severe political crisis for the past two weeks.

Small protests loosely organised around the slogan "No to Serzh" began in March. "I will be ashamed if you block the republic's streets and avenues, while I am not with you". Following a referendum held in Dec of 2015, Armenia has effectively shifted from a semi-presidential system of governance to a parliamentary one where the prime minister's office holds most of the executive power in the country, with the president's job now being largely ceremonial.