YouTube gives parents more control over its Kids app

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The first one is "Collections by trusted partners and YouTube Kids", where the app will start offering collections of videos from trusted channels on a number of subjects ranging from arts and crafts, sports and learning, to music and more.

In order to show that it has the interests of young viewers at heart, YouTube is rolling out this week an option where parents can limit viewing options for their kids to channels from YouTube-approved partners, such as Sesame Workshop, PBS Kids, and Kidz Pop. This feature can be accessed by going into Profile Settings and choosing from available collections. YouTube has said that once implemented, when you turn off search kids will only be limited to channels that have been expressly verified by the YouTube Kids team.

As part of the update, the team has announced three new features as part of the YouTube Kids app.

The big feature coming "later this year", is the ability for parents to "specifically handpick every video and channel available to their child in the app".

YouTube Kids still has its main library available by default for now, and the company says it is working on more controls for parents.

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With this new feature, parents won't have to do any research or tweaking of the app on their own; just switch the feature on and feel comfortable that their children will only see appropriate videos.

"Automated flagging enables us to act more quickly and accurately to enforce our policies", YouTube said, adding that since introducing the system, more than half of videos removed for violent extremism had fewer than 10 views.

YouTube also stated that they do receive human flagged videos in addition to the algorithm marked videos.

YouTube now uses algorithms to decide which videos can appear on YouTube Kids. "This makes YouTube Kids better for everyone".

"For parents who like the current version of YouTube Kids and want a wider selection of content, it's still available". Since its inception three years ago, the Kids app was supposed to filter out adult content to make a "safer and simpler" version of YouTube for children. But parents have discovered a range of inappropriate videos on the app, highlighting the platform's dependence on automation and a lack of human oversight.