Kanye West Tells Ebro

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Ever since Kanye West tweeted praise for conservative commentator Candace Owens, the right wing fringe has been falling all over itself at the prospect of having a bona fide A-list celebrity to welcome into the fold.

He said West is "extra-dangerous to the left" because liberals fear free thinkers, with Katie Pavlich adding that people like Owens are a threat to certain liberal narratives.

Candace Owens has appeared on Infowars, and recently a clip of her berating of Black Lives Matter protestors went viral.

It's insane to think that the same guy who said that "George Bush doesn't like black people" is the same person who's openly supporting Donald Trump. Reportedly West told Ebro that he liked the way Owens thinks because she challenges "conventional black thought". "I said, 'Kanye, the conversation's been open, bro".

Arnold then responded to Owens with a profane sexual reference.

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Bevy Smith made a decision to blast Kanye for his support of Owens and her toxic views. "Their goal is to stigmatize". If she's a pleasure, Candace Owens must be a delight!

She also tweeted: "I'm freaking out". According to NME, she's the communications director of non-profit organization Turning Point USA, and shut down a Black Lives Matter protest during a panel at UCLA on Friday (April 20). When asked about the attacks on Fox News on Sunday, Owens said that the backlash is a common left-wing strategy. "The thought police want to suppress freedom of thought", he continued.

For the past week, Kanye West's oft-dormant Twitter feed has been a font of dopey aphorisms and aspirational directives, many of which ("Question everything") feel like the sort of thing a person might overhear at a college party, after a sizable tray of edibles has been ransacked. "I reached out to Obama for years and couldn't get anything done and Trump gave me a meeting".

President Trump met with Kanye West in December 2016. If you have a vested interest in blacks jumping on top of cars, burning down our own neighborhoods, crying over the national anthem, boycotting H&M over monkey hoodies & screaming over hairdo appropriation-it may be time to short the stock.

"Multiple times in the conversation he said, 'I just want to lead with love, I just want to be about love, '" Darden said of West.