Senator Chuck Schumer introducing legislation to Federally decriminalize marijuana

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Chuck Schumer said Friday he'll introduce a bill taking marijuana off the federal list of controlled substances - in effect decriminalizing its use. So much, in fact, that he plans to propose new legislation that would decriminalize marijuana on a federal level.

Schumer pointed out that the feds now consider marijuana - already legal for medicinal use in 29 states and for recreational use in eight - a drug more unsafe than cocaine.

Schumer says small amounts of marijuana have ruined lives, due to having to serve jail time. It would establish dedicated funding for women- and minority-owned marijuana businesses and maintain the federal government's ability to regulate marijuana advertising to insure that advertisers can not target children. When it comes to legalization of marijuana for medicinal use, I have long believed that each state should be allowed to implement a system that works best for its residents.

The complete interview will be televised Friday night at 7:30 on HBO's "Vice News Tonight".

"The bill lets the states decide and be the laboratories that they ought to be", Schumer said.

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Public opinion has already shifted in this direction - 61 percent of Americans think marijuana use should be legalized, according to a Pew Research Center poll.

"This means that federal agents will not be arresting people, trying people for marijuana use", Schumer said in his video post.

The announcement is a major step in marijuana politics, earning the support of perhaps the most powerful Democrat in Washington, given his party's numbers in the Senate. Previously, Attorney General Jeff Sessions voided an Obama memorandum to not aggressively prosecute marijuana-related charges.

The federal criminalization of weed dates back to the early 1930s and is most commonly attributed to Harry Anslinger, the "racist hate-monger", credited for spearheading the federal government's war on drugs. Bernie Sanders of Vermont has long favored decriminalizing marijuana. It would establish funding for women and minority-owned marijuana businesses, allowing for more entrepreneurs to enter the very lucrative medical and recreational market. John Boehner, the former Republican Speaker of the House, also made headlines in recent weeks for a similar change of heart. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., whose state legalized marijuana in 2015, and Sen.