Here's what happened on the fatal Southwest Airlines flight

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"Another wrote, "(She) came back to speak to each of us personally. Oxygen masks dropped from the ceiling, and passengers prayed and braced for impact.

After the April 17 engine failure, Southwest said it will accelerate ultrasonic inspections of CFM56 engine fan blades "out of an abundance of caution", a process it expected will take 30 days.

The Federal Aviation Administration says it will be ordering inspections on jet engines like the one that blew up on a Southwest Airlines flight Tuesday.

The terrifying string of events on Flight 1380 brought out acts of bravery among the 149 passengers and crew members and drew across-the-board praise for the cool-headed pilot who safely guided the crippled Boeing 737 to an emergency landing in Philadelphia.

The plane had departed from NY, bound for Dallas.

Another passenger, Marty Martinez, heard, "Brace for landing".

Despite her success in the corporate world, Jennifer Riordan remained the kind of woman who made her own greeting cards for important occasions, Marianne Riordan marveled.

"It felt like the plane was freefalling". "Of course, everyone's freaking out".

'I have always been concerned about stuff happening with aircrafts flying so close to where we live - we live in a flight zone - but now I know there is a need to be concerned, ' Alicia Miller of Bernville, PA, said.

In the cockpit, Tammie Jo Shults, a veteran Navy pilot, flew with one engine, displaying what one passenger would later call "nerves of steel". By at least one passenger's account, half her body was outside the plane. "A buddy, the guy helped, and we got her pulled in, and they tried to resuscitate her".

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Riordan had dedicated her life to philanthropy, helping others in Albuquerque and the southwest region, colleagues said. Needum and retired school nurse Peggy Phillips began administering CPR for about 20 minutes, until the plane landed. "And rather than put on my oxygen mask, I reached for my laptop in an effort to buy WiFi as the plane was going down".

Her mother-in-law, Virginia Shults, told The Washington Post that as soon as she heard the pilot's voice on the radio transmission online, she said "that is Tammy Jo".

Those conditions explain how a passenger could be partially pulled into a small airplane window.

"No, it's not on fire, but part of it is missing", Shults said, pausing briefly. A hole was found in the left fuselage just above the left wing, the news release said.

"We have a part of the aircraft missing", she told air traffic control. "On behalf of the Southwest family, I want to extend my deepest sympathies for the family and the loved ones of our deceased customer", Kelly said.

"Everybody was crying and upset".

"It was just as if she and I were sitting here talking, " Virginia Shults said. "We are holding Jennifer and her family in our thoughts and prayers". "That was the first thing that rushed through my head". He also noted "a fair amount of vibration" and said the airliner landed in Philadelphia at an above-average speed of 190 miles per hour. "There was no panic".

"She said she wasn't going to let anyone tell her she couldn't, " Foster said.

Eric Zilbert, an administrator with the California Education Department, said even the children "did very well". Shults, a Navy veteran and one of the first female fighter pilots in the US military, was at the controls when the jet landed, according to her husband, Dean Shults.

Once they have all the pieces, a team will lay them all down on a hangar's floor and piece it back together, Sumwalt said.