Kentucky governor apologizes after comments on teacher protests

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Kentucky's governor is facing backlash after he claimed that widespread school closures spurred by teacher demonstrations led to unattended children being sexually assaulted, poisoned and exposed to drugs.

On Friday, when thousands of teachers were protesting at the state Capitol, Stamper tweeted: "Heavy on my heart this morning are the children who've been left at home by themselves because their working parents can't afford the extra childcare expense due to school being cancelled". Bevin stressed that it wasn't his intent to hurt anyone. "Let's work together, we need to work together", he said.

Bevin said in the video that many misunderstood his words.

Both House Democrats and Republicans made resolutions on the last day of the session Saturday condemning Bevin's remarks.

Teachers from across Kentucky gather outside the state Capitol to rally for increased funding for education on Friday, in Frankfort, Ky.

"Clearly, a tremendous number of people did not fully appreciate what it was that I was communicating", Bevin said, referring to his earlier comments.

On Sunday Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin released a video in which he apologized for comments he made on teachers' protests. "It was not my intent whatsoever", the governor said.

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The Republican said his comments to reporters were about the "unintended consequences of schools being shut down, some with just a matter of hours of notice, less than 24, and children left vulnerable as a result of that".

Although the teachers succeeded in protecting pensions for current workers and pressuring legislators into overriding Bevin's veto, Kentucky teachers could still face problems in the future.

But, Jim Carroll, the President of Kentucky Government Retirees, said there was no "confusion" over Bevin's comments.

Bevin, who would see his veto of an education-boosting state budget overridden by state lawmakers, characterized the attitudes of protesting teachers as cavalier and flippant about student safety.

"For those of you who understand what I was saying, thank you", Bevin said in the social media.

Versailles Democratic Rep. James Kay said sarcastically, "Hey, everyone, we got it cleared up". The Governor is sorry you misunderstood him.

After electing a Republican governor in 2015 and giving the party full control of the state legislature for the first time in 2016, it seemed the GOP had solidified its grip on Kentucky for years to come. "His insults of teachers over the previous year have been beneath the decorum of any respectable elected official".