30 people detained in Armenia during clashes between opposition supporters and police

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The protesters took to the streets after opposition leader Pashinian called on Armenians to stage rallies to prevent Sarkisian's political transition.

Immediately after his hour-long speech the protesters marched to the intersection of three avenues forming Yerevan's sprawling France Square and blocked traffic through it. Pashinian urged them to stay there through the night, saying that riot police will not attempt to disperse them in that case.

Clashes broke out in the Armenian capital, Yerevan, as protester attempted to storm the parliament building.

The protest movement started with the action "move" is initiated by the member of the Armenian Parliament and one of the leaders of the opposition Nikol Pashinyan walking through the territory of Armenia.

The Police said they receive complaints from different organizations in the capital including educational and medical establishments that the actions of the protesters have been hindered by their regular activities this morning. Opposition protests against Serzh Sargsyan being elected as Prime Minister․. The injuries were caused by the special measures that had been taken by the police.

On Monday, police used stun grenades as protesters sought to break through a barbed wire cordon in the centre of Yerevan in an effort to get to the parliament building.

Several hundred people sat or lay down on pavements, blocking roads leading to the parliament building and universities.

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The protesters have been chanting "Serzh the liar" about the ex-president, who in the past said that he had no intention of becoming the country's prime minister after the end of his second presidential term.

Some built barricades using cast-iron benches and metal trash cans.

However, following a 2015 constitutional referendum the country shifted from a presidential system to a parliamentary republic - relegating the presidency to a more ceremonial role.

A shrewd former military officer, Sarkisian has been in charge of the landlocked South Caucasus nation of 2.9 million since winning a presidential vote in 2008.

Earlier it was reported about 29 detainees, including, in particular, the son of opposition MP Nikol Pashinyan, who headed the protest against the appointment of former President Serzh Sargsyan, Prime Minister of the country.

After Sargsyan was first elected president in February 2008, 10 people died in bloody clashes between police and supporters of the defeated opposition candidate.