Trump gives full pardon to lawyer who leaked Central Intelligence Agency agent's undercover identity

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Before his conviction, Mr. Libby had rendered more than a decade of honorable service to the Nation as a public servant at the Department of State, the Department of Defense, and the White House.

President Donald Trump is expected to pardon Lewis "Scooter" Libby, according to a senior administration official, giving an olive branch to a George W. Bush administration staffer that the former president himself declined to grant. After the pardon, she said in a statement that the argument that Libby had been treated unfairly was "simply false". Libby, who served as Cheney's chief of staff, was convicted in 2007 of perjury, obstruction of justice and lying to FBI investigators.

The criticism echoes critiques of Robert Mueller, the special counsel leading an investigation into Russian election interference, possible coordination with Trump associates and potential obstruction of justice by the president.

Excerpts of Comey's new book due out Tuesday, "A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies and Leadership", slam Trump, calling him "unethical, and untethered to truth and institutional values".

No one was charged with the leak.

It turns out, moreover, that Mr. Cheney was wrongly convicted.

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Trump has termed Mueller's probe a "rdquo & witch search; and Russian Federation and also he have denied any wrongdoing". Mr. Libby, prosecutors said, lied about where he learned of her identity and what he discussed with reporters.

There's a case for pardoning Libby, but Trump wasn't interested in making it. The timing may be curious, though it's been said the president has been mulling over this pardon for months. Asked if a pardon would be about Comey, Conway said no.

"It's not about me, it's absolutely not about "Scooter" Libby", she said. Mr. Libby had no evidence to trade, and Mr. Fitzgerald then set out to ruin Mr. Libby for supposedly lying about a non-crime.” So, good for Mr. Trump. Because after leaving jail and investigating the case, I unearthed information that convinced me not only that my testimony was in error, but that Libby was the victim of an overzealous prosecutor whose investigation should have ended before it began.

Former CIA agent Valerie Plame Wilson condemned Trump for pardoning Lewis "Scooter" Libby Friday.


So when the ambassador, Joe Wilson, started to hear that erroneous claim being used to justify going to war with Saddam, he chose to speak out in an op-ed in the New York Times. The case stemmed from an investigation into the leaking of the covert identity of Central Intelligence Agency officer Valerie Plame, though no one was charged for the leak. Nor would he say why he pursued Libby after learning early on that the source of the leak was not Libby, but Richard Armitage, an aide to Secretary of State Colin Powell, who had argued against the war.