Fortnite update gets Vending Machines, Weapon changes for Battle Royale

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Videogame fans looking to get their Fortnite fix now have even more content to look forward to.

How the vending machine will work is that players will be able to exchange raw materials for random loot. The machines will cycle through the three available items on a short timer, but you can speed the timer up by bashing the machine with your pickaxe.

Fortnite Intel has assembled a map of all known Vending Machine locations discovered so far, though it's subject to be updated in the future as more locations are uncovered. Each of the three items in a machine will cost you materials.

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Fortnite 's latest Content Update just added Vending Machines, and we want to help you find one.

"Every other week we will drop new content without the need for an update". Considering the frantic and sometimes fast-moving games of Battle Royale, finding a vending machine can be a pain. Here's what you'll need to do to actually find these hidden gnome locations. With a recent slew of problems that have affected the game from server issues to game related bugs like the shotgun critical damage glitch, Epic has chose to slow its schedule and release a new patch every two weeks. The first such "content update", as Epic calls them, has arrived on all platforms and introduces the Vending Machine, among other changes and additions. As you can imagine then, finding brick, building a ton of walls, and locating the hidden gnome can be pretty tricky in the middle of somewhere like Pleasant Park or Tilted Towers, so you may have some issues with this one.