Gender pay gap at Lewes District Council revealed

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Under the new rules, companies with 250 or more employees are required to disclose gender pay gaps - for average pay, median pay and annual bonuses.

As of 10am on Tuesday, figures show that just 7,590 have done so, with 79% of those having a pay gap.

"The data so far tell the familiar story of the so-called "glass pyramid" - women outnumbering men in the lower-paid quartiles, with far fewer at the top in higher-paid management and leadership roles".

Companies that miss the deadline could face legal action including court orders and fines, but only after being given more than a month's grace period.

Warner Music UK - comprising frontline labels, catalogue, distribution labels and commercial business support units - has reported an average gender pay gap of 49%.

"Firms have had plenty of warning and have no excuse for failing to submit their gender pay gap data accurately and on time". The government has taken this step in a hope that embarrassing by shaming the companies with large pay gaps will force them to take steps to tackle the pay gap.

The trust's gender pay gap is smaller than at neighbouring Countess of Chester Hospital, where women earn an average of 28% less than men, and East Cheshire NHS Trust, where women earn 34.5% less than men on average.

"We will get disparity between female and male workers because we have predominantly female nurses and predominantly male consultants", Mrs Bullock said.

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Doing so reveals how much less, in percentage terms, women are paid per hour on average.

The UK-wide median gender pay gap is 18.4 per cent.

When looking at the median hourly rate, for women it is 71.8 per cent lower than men's, with women earning 28p for every £1 that men earn.

EasyJet CEO Johan Lundgren even took a pay cut this year to promote gender equality. Although not specifically video game focussed, Microsoft had a pay gap of just 6.6%, while Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe had a gap of 12.8%. The FA said the fact that most of its high-profile coaches were men had a "significant impact" on the figures. The entire aim is to encourage women to be part of the employment process with the same remuneration as men. Only 13% of women received a bonus in 2017.

In the company as a whole, women earn 5% less than men.

What is the gender pay gap? We'll be updating this story as more companies report their pay gaps closer to the deadline.

Ms Champion added: "Increasing female participation in the workplace and reducing the gender pay gap is not only morally right, it's economically right".

When it comes to bonuses, female executives are paid 88% less on average than their male counterparts. Typically the median is the more representative figure, because the mean can be skewed by a handful of highly paid employees.