Widow of Orlando gunman acquitted by United States court

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The 31-year-old sobbed and her family gasped as she was found not guilty of obstruction, and providing material support to a terrorist organization - charges that could have led to a life jail term.

During the trial, prosecutors said Mateen, who was born in NY to Afghan immigrants, meant to attack Disney World's shopping and entertainment complex by hiding a gun in a stroller but became spooked by police and instead chose the gay club as his target. They said she wasn't an Islamic extremist. But unlike her husband, Salman had no history of Islamic radicalism.

"Omar Mateen is a monster". She says she doesn't feel angry and hopes she never will.

Salman was the only individual butted in link with the carnage that left 50 individuals- including her partner, Omar Mateen- dead at Pulse bar.

"It's a awful, random, senseless killing by a monster", Mr Swift said during closing arguments.

But the defence portrayed her as an easily manipulated woman with a low IQ and argued that she signed a false confession because she was exhausted after a long interrogation and feared losing her young son.

She claimed her husband didn't use the internet in their home, but he did.

Indeed, the evidence, as The Intercept documented previously, is very clear that the first time Mateen ever went to Pulse was to attack it, after simply searching Google for "nightclubs downtown Orlando".

During the government's case, jurors watched video of Salman and Mateen standing together as he purchased ammunition and jewelry.

"On the contrary we were convinced she did know", the statement continued.

In a blow to the government's case, the Federal Bureau of Investigation itself found that receipts and cellphone signals showed the couple were nowhere near the Pulse on the day Salman said they were.

Jeff Sessions reveals prosecutor John Huber investigating FBI's alleged abuse of powers
Sessions stopped short of appointing a special counsel to probe the claims, saying he would wait first for Huber's findings. Attorney Huber, given his reputation, will conduct an independent and thorough investigation".

The jurors have been deliberating since Wednesday as to whether or not Salman was guilty of the charges pinned against her.

Carter said media outlets didn't vividly focus on what Mateen said in the phone call.

Jurors asked to review the statement more closely a couple of hours into their deliberations and the judge obliged, printing off copies for them.

It was also revealed in court that Mateen initially planned to attack Disney World, one of Orlando's biggest attractions, by hiding his gun in a baby stroller, but was put off by the heavy police presence.

Salman also said in the statement that she had accompanied Mateen while casing Pulse and other potential targets.

Her protection group suggested that much from being an excited partner, Salman was rather a "easy female" with a reduced INTELLIGENCE, at risk to affect and also abused by Mateen.

"She doesn't go to the mosque, she searches for Hello Kitty on her website".

"You know you work tomorrow", she wrote. "You knew, '" Enriquez testified.

Then he sent his last text: "I love you babe".

Later on in the test, Salman's lawyers additionally required Byron to state a mistrial or disregard the situation outright, stating the prosecution had actually held back important details for the growth of their debate.