Tim Cook's Advice for Mark Zuckerberg Regarding Facebook Isn't Very Helpful

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Social media network Facebook, which has recently come under fire over its handling of user data, has now been harshly criticized by Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Apple has long touted privacy as one of the draws of being in the Apple ecosystem, and Cook underscored this again, claiming that Apple "could make a ton of money if we monetized our customers" but that the company has elected not to do it. However, he went on to say: "But from our point of view, we didn't want to create this contest". I think it's - privacy to us is a human right. The remarks echoed what he said in China over the weekend, when Cook described Facebook's current predicament as "dire" and suggested "some well-crafted regulation is necessary". Asked whether Facebook should still be entitled to self-regulation, he responded: "I think we're beyond that here". He added: "However, I think we're beyond that here".

While the company that makes most of its money from selling hardware products like iPhones, iPods, AppleWatch and MacBooks has had nibbled at the advertising business for monetary gains.

In 2014 when Facebook was the golden child of the tech industry, Apple in an open letter to its customers had said, "When an online service is free". I think, in general, technology is an increasingly important trend in the world. It's a civil liberty, and something that is unique to America. Apple has policies of what is and isn't allowed there, and so Hayes and Swisher pressed him on whether Facebook's privacy issues might lead Apple to do something with that power.

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Apple's initiative is timed ahead of Europe's upcoming GDPR data privacy law, which will tighten up rules that companies have to follow when dealing with users' personal information. Since, Zuckerberg has been on an apology tour, and is expected to testify before Congress regarding the scandal.

"Cook also took a swipe at Amazon's Jeffrey P. Bezos when Chris Hayes asked the former Amazon's much-publicized search for a location for its new campus".

Cook's interview is part of MSNBC's "Revolution" series, which will air on April 6 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Still, Cook's comments to MSNBC clearly indicate there will be no porn-related apps on the App Store any time soon.