Three Facebook users sue over collection of call, text history

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And that trouble isn't going away. Facebook is not the iron horse we once thought it was? And even if those people have never joined Facebook - or have made a decision to delete their accounts - it looks as though some of their data will stay with the social network as long as the people who provided it remain. "If you don't really care too much about leaving Facebook Inc., and just want to get off, then WhatsApp remains a surprisingly effective alternative", Haddad said.

Dylan McKay, who created the script, has made the code available on Github for anyone who would like to make sense of their own Facebook data. That's what I'm here for. "Very few indicated a loss of trust in Facebook and most indicated no intention of deleting their accounts or reducing usage of the platform".

You will have to re-enter your password and the download will start shortly. Or how about when a podcast-book-new pair of shoes is suggested because if you "liked that, you might like this...?" Facebook approved all of the ads, ProPublica reported. You're then free to download your archive, which will arrive in your computer's "Downloads" folder as a zip folder. By uploading your contacts, it "helps you find and stay connected with the people you care about, and provides you with a better experience across Facebook". This happened when I joined, and Facebook asked if I wanted to connect with other friends, by importing my contacts from my computer, which happened to have their phone numbers and sometimes addresses. There could be a lot to look at.

Once you click it, it will take you to a new page. There were contacts included in the data list that I didn't talk to anymore.

I recently wrote about downloading 14 years of my Facebook data, where I uncovered a large collection of personal information about my life that the company has held onto over the years. Some of this was more than a decade ago when I first signed up for Facebook, and I honestly don't remember.

But at the same time, lots of basic data was either incomplete or wrong, starting with my date of birth, and my current city (no need to fix any of that, of course).

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He's only now realizing Facebook knows more about him than all of his friends combined. And to the extent I'm concerned about privacy, I hope that the bad data will obscure whatever correct info they actually have.

Here's a link to the Facebook page that explains how you can turn the feature off in Messenger. It just plans to be more transparent about that they do. As time passes, one can likely expect more updates from the Facebook team as it identifies and blocks loopholes and vulnerabilities in its various applications.

That November, Facebook launches Beacon, which shares what users are doing on other websites with their Facebook friends. Who knows what kind of information is being shared there, and who cares (well, maybe we should). Facebook will email you when your archive is ready.

So where does this leave Facebook in my eyes?

Despite that there are many concerns that the customer data usage practices existed well before the Cambridge uproar and have been one of the most influential ways in which one can upload the data. So I can understand #deletefacebook, but I probably won't delete Facebook.