Trump is hopeful, but some skeptical ahead of US-North Korea talks

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During Kim Jong Un's first known worldwide visit to China since becoming the supreme leader of North Korea in 2011, we got to witness the leader trying on a virtual reality (VR) headset for the first time in public.

After Kim's meeting with Xi, President Trump tweeted that he was hopeful denuclearization of the Korean peninsula would finally take place, adding "there is a good chance that Kim Jong Un will do what is right for his people and for humanity". A triumph for Trump on the nuclear issue could ensure the security of a Chinese client state in Pyongyang, draw South Korea into China's orbit and weaken US influence in the region.

It is unknown what will be discussed at next month's summit or if Donald Trump is to attend, as previously rumoured, but Kim has confirmed that Pyongyang is willing to hold a summit with the US President.

Kim is not the first in his family to visit Zhongguancun.

Chinese state media photos show Kim and his wife, Ri Sol Ju, meeting with Xi and his spouse, Peng Liyuan.

The U.S. forces stationed in South Korea have been a deterrent to North Korea, a country that makes military provocations as a usual practice.

That has tamped down fears of war that elevated as Trump and Kim traded threats and insults and North Korea demonstrated it was close to being able to strike the USA with a nuclear-tipped missile.

In May 2011, the elder Kim, who was making what would be his final trip to China, told then-president Hu Jintao that the North was "adhering to the goal of denuclearization".

North Korea's Kim Jong Un met Xi Jinping on surprise visit to China
North Korea's Kim Jong Un visits China in 1st foreign trip as leader

Kim, too, had much to gain by accepting Xi's invitation. Moon plans to hold a meeting with Kim on April 27.

Kim Jong-un's father, Kim Jong-il, who famously hated flying and had a penchant for a playboy lifestyle, is said to have decked the train out for lavish parties, bouts of heavy drinking and karaoke on his many journeys by rail.

"Suggestions that Beijing had been sidelined by Pyongyang's approaches to Seoul and Washington were always unfounded given the two countries' long-standing friendship, which was forged in the crucible of war", wrote an editorial in the China Daily. Kim said in Beijing that there was "no question" that his inaugural trip overseas should be to China, and that it was his "solemn duty" to "value and continue the DPRK-PRC relations through generations". Although the report did not explicitly state that Kim had already left the country at the time the report was issued, Lu Chao said the arrangement has traditionally been that the country's state news agencies would hold off on issuing their respective reports until the leader's armored train had trundled back over the Yalu River into North Korea.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said, "Sanctions must be maintained unless North Korea takes concrete actions".

Beijing has over the years backed United Nations sanctions against Pyongyang over its nuclear and missile tests.

Meanwhile, the White House said Trump received a personal note from Xi about Kim's visit.

Upon taking office past year, Trump was confronted with increasingly reckless behavior from North Korea.

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