Bolton as USA security adviser 'shameful'

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The epidemic departure of professed experts, which also includes the lawyers seeking to protect the president from Robert Mueller's investigation, has now been crowned by President Trump's appointment of former United Nations ambassador John Bolton as his third national security adviser in little over a year.

Bolton, a former USA ambassador to the United Nations in the George W. Bush administration, was mulling a 2016 presidential bid when his super PAC hired Cambridge Analytica. When Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster replaced retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn in the job past year, McMaster systematically eliminated officials seen as loyal to his predecessor. "The timeline was expedited as they both felt it was important to have the new team in place, instead of constant speculation", a White House official said. I am very thankful for the service of General H.R. McMaster who has done an outstanding job & will always remain my friend. There will be an official contact handover on 4/9.

Regarding relations with Israel, Ettinger said, "The appointment of Bolton reaffirms the message that Israel is a very special national security ally, and a strategic outpost in a critical area for U.S. national security".

The appointment of Bolton could lead to dramatic changes in the Trump administration's approach to crises around the world, The Washington Post said.

Bolton, an attorney, diplomat, and general commentator, is well known for his super-war hawk stances, which he states emphatically on his BoltonPAC, but he is widely covered in the media as having explicitly promised to be compliant in his new position, and to carry out Trump's wishes.

An official said the blowback over Trump's call to Russian President Vladimir Putin on his reelection sped up the announcement. After UN Ambassador Nikki Haley attacked the JCPOA in a much-covered speech at the neoconservative American Enterprise Institute last October, Bolton remarked: "The Iran deal may not have died today, but it will die shortly".

But with Pompeo set to replace him and Bolton on his way to the White House, the accord's coffin may well have been nailed shut.

Turkey targets Iraq's Sinjar region after Afrin operation
This should not be turned into a political issue, it should not become an issue that shakes the trust of our people", he said. On migration and support for refugees, the European Union and Turkey remained very close partners, Tusk said.

McMaster told The New York Times a year ago that Trump's unorthodox approach "has moved a lot of us out of our comfort zone, me included".

Tennessee Senator Bob Corker once famously called the White House an "adult daycare" since the entire administration is focused nearly entirely on ensuring that the president doesn't hurt himself or destroy the country when he gets angry. He brought in McMaster to replace Michael Flynn, who, along with Trump's deputy campaign chairman Rick Gates and campaign aide George Papadopoulos, has pleaded guilty to lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

And the Pentagon had been quietly looking to see if there is a four-star military job suited for McMaster, these officials said.

Although it's unclear if Bolton would get on board with "the staff purge his allies and advisors are pushing", some names that have been reportedly floated around include deputy national security advisor for strategy Nadia Schadlow and McMaster deputy Ricky Waddell.

Trump has privately expressed irritation with McMaster stemming from differences in "personality and style", a senior Republican source said. "He should be welcoming a McMaster who disagrees with him rather than shielding himself from that".

Garrett Marquis, a spokesman for Bolton, said on Sunday that Bolton "doesn't respond to propaganda from a government long included on the United States' list of state sponsors of terrorism."There was no immediate comment from the White House".

Bolton was also accused of threatening to fire analysts who disagreed with his conclusions, as well as insubordination, spying on his superiors and leaking documents.