Qantas makes history as Perth inaugural lands in London

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History was made when the first Qantas non-stop flight from Perth to London landed on Sunday morning at Heathrow following its departure on Saturday night.

"From today it will be the first link between Australia and Europe that has ever occurred non-stop in aviation".

The firm hopes to routinely fly non-stop from Australia to London and NY by 2022, which would take 20 hours.

With a stopover somewhere in the Middle East or Asia like Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Hong Kong or Singapore, the flight time from Perth to London is usually around 20 to 21 hours - which is a long time when you're cramped down the back in Economy.

The flight has become the world's second longest, eclipsed only by the Qatar airways route from Doha to Auckland, which spans 14,529km.

The former champion, Singapore Airlines' 15,300km Singapore-New York route, was discontinued in 2013.

This is 24% further than the UK's existing longest route, operated by Garuda Indonesia between Heathrow and Jakarta (7,275 miles). "Hopeful of a boost to the region from British tourists, fellow passenger and Western Australian premier Mark McGowan hailed 'a new era of travel and opportunities".

The Western Australia government is hoping the new route will open up more tourism to the west of the country.

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Qantas CEO Alan Joyce expressed his excitement about the flight when the airline first announced it, the latest iteration of the fabled Kangaroo Route, a common term for flights from Australia to the United Kingdom via the Eastern Hemisphere.

On the flight were over 220 people, majority were paying passengers and Qantas CEO Alan Joyce also was one of the first people to ever fly non-stop from Australia to Great Britain.

"For many global visitors the West Australian jewels have been off limits, not because it's been unavailable to them, but because it's been too hard to get to as there's been such a focus on the East Coast", Ciobo said to ABC News Australia.

"By the end of this year, we'll know if both aircraft can do it".

The Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner has been specially fitted out for the inaugural Perth-London flight, reducing the capacity of the plane to 236 business, premium economy and economy seats to give more leg room.

"They're targeting the business community that wants a seamless journey", said Rico Merkert, professor of transport and supply-chain management at the University of Sydney's business school.

The longest commercial flight now available can be taken between New Zealand and Qatar at 17 hours and 40 minutes, according to CNBC.

The non-stop flight is part of ambitious plans by Australian airline company Quantas to add ultra long-haul routes to its schedule.