PUBG Mobile: Your Victory Is A Lie!

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You'll find all that good stuff at SteelSeries dot com - and we'll be covering this release as it makes its way to reality, too. For a while it seemed that Bluehole's PUBG would simply steamroll anything put in its way thanks to its huge initial success.

All things considered, Epic Games and People Can Fly seem to be putting the majority of its efforts into ensuring that Fortnite Battle Royale keeps receiving a healthy dose of new wares so that the game doesn't turn too repetitive or stale, and this process seems to be working quite well.

Although the iPhone X is one of the most powerful smartphones on the planet, despite its processing power and graphics, Epic Games' Fortnite Battle Royal has tremendous graphics and, definitely needs a powerful device to render the game nicely and Xbox One X is that device, along with modern PCs or PS4. I get asked this question sometimes, like, 'What're you doing to combat this?' I got it when PUBG came out, we were killing H1Z1.

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Fortnite's popularity can be specifically attributed to its free-to-play and cross-platform model. Nearly every day I open up Twitter to see new Fortnite content has been added. Greene reiterated onstage today that he never expected to see his game sell upwards of 40 million copies and remain the No. 1 game on the Steam marketplace, dwarfing global mainstays like Dota 2 and Counter-Strike. I would say Snapchat is a bigger issue than games. The game will start with the storm already closing in on the island, and loot availability has been tweaked, meaning players will be finding a lot of great gear as they run from the storm. When H1 came out it was killing Arma 3.

Fortnite Battle Royale looks much better on the Xbox One X compared to the iPhone X but that's normal since we're talking about a great gaming console with a powerful video card.