Uber footage shows victim of self-driving vehicle crash 'emerging from shadows'

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"We believe that technology has the power to make transportation safer than ever before and recognize our responsibility to contribute to safety in our communities", an Uber spokeswoman said.

AZfamily.com reports that Tempe police, the National Transportation Safety Board and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration conducted the visibility and braking test Thursday night.

Video released by Tempe, Ariz., police graphically shows that both an autonomous Uber SUV and its backup driver failed to protect a pedestrian who was struck and killed as she walked a bike across a spottily-lit thoroughfare.

But then people in the Tempe area started making their own videos-videos that give a dramatically different impression of that section of roadway. "We continue to assist investigators in any way we can".

Uber has declined to comment on the causes of the crash.

The question remains as to whether a human driver would have been able to avoid this accident, but autonomous vehicles are going to have to perform at almost ideal levels in order for them to become mainstream.

"Did they jump the gun?" he said. He has touted Arizona's few regulations in his efforts to lure the companies to Arizona from California. After its strong California results, Waymo is now testing cars in Chandler, Arizona, a Phoenix suburb, with no safety drivers.

The vehicle that hit Herzberg "was being supervised".

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Li Kang (李綱), an assistant professor in the National Taiwan University's Mechanical Engineering Department, added that while the government is headed in the right direction in encouraging the development and operation of autonomous vehicles, it must also have strong law enforcement in place to assure safety.

Uber says miles per intervention isn't a measure of the overall safety of its autonomous vehicle testing operations, but rather a way to track the system's improvement.

"Though no information is available, one would have to conclude based on this video alone, that there are problems in the Uber vehicle software that need to be rectified", he said.

It noted the value of their human chaperones. "He's what we call a vehicle operator and he's here to make sure the vehicle does exactly what it's supposed to do. These tests teach operators and vehicles to expect the unexpected - like swinging auto doors, pedestrians and unusual roadways".

Experts have called Uber's first self-driving vehicle crash, which killed a pedestrian last week, a "catastrophic failure" by Uber's technology.

She drew a parallel to railroad grade crossings, where the default response is for the crossing arms to descend if certain equipment is not working. The woman appears to be jaywalking as she is not in a crosswalk. "It absolutely should have been able to pick her up", he said.

The local police department has released a video of this fatal Uber self-driving auto crash recorded using the vehicle's cameras.