Saudi crown prince meets with top U.S. congress officials

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In White House talks, Trump and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman discussed an agreement a year ago for $200 billion worth of Saudi investments with the USA, including large purchases of United States military equipment.

"The Saudis will want America's support on its military hardware", said Hossein Askari, a former mediator between the Iranian and Saudi governments during the 1990s. Although his claims could not be verified.

The talks were part of the first visit by the prince, 32, to the United States since he became the heir apparent past year to succeed King Salman.

"Saudi Arabia is a very wealthy nation, and they're going to give the United States some of that wealth, hopefully, in the form of jobs, in the form of the purchase of the finest military equipment anywhere in the world", Trumped stated imperiously to reporters.

The world's largest oil exporter hopes to move away from oil dependency and market a new image overseas as a nation embracing what the monarch-in-waiting calls "moderate Islam". Some members of Congress have been critical of the Saudi involvement, particularly over the humanitarian situation and civilian casualties.

Protests that erupted on December 28, and have continued throughout various cities in Iran, were directed in large part against the Iranian regime's constant use of money to fund terrorism and wars throughout the Middle East while everyday Iranians are starving and struggling to make ends meet.

Prince Mohammed is on a mission during his three-week USA visit to improve the perception of his nation in the eyes of Americans, who have viewed Saudi Arabia warily because of its conservative social mores, unequal treatment of women and, more recently, deadly military campaign in Yemen.

Imad Harb, Director of research for the Arab Center in Washington has more.

Mohammed, in response, described the bilateral relationship as "really huge and really deep".

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He recalled counterterrorism agreements made with Islamic nations during his visit last May to Saudi Arabia and said "the relationship is probably stronger than it's ever been".

"As I said before, when it comes to the missiles and the planes and all of the military equipment, there's nobody that even comes close to us in terms of technology and the quality of the equipment". The United States, adds fuel to the fire so that the crisis remains in Yemen and rift becomes wider between Riyadh and Teheran.

"Saudi Arabia's crown prince has confirmed what many have long suspected - nuclear energy in Saudi Arabia is about more than just electrical power, it's about geopolitical power", Sen.

"It is better for a country which has been brought to its knees after three years of committing war crimes against the besieged and defenseless Yemeni people not to talk about its army and economy and be happy with buying "beautiful" weapons and the remain importer of security and be silent in the face of a powerful country like Iran", the Iranian Foreign Ministry said as cited by The Tehran Times.

In his talks with the prince, Trump urged his guest to use some of his country's oil wealth to support the U.S. economy through the purchase of goods and military hardware.

The crown prince had met with President Trump earlier in the day, where he said that the relations between the two countries are historic and deeply rooted.

The Crown Prince had previously managed the forum of Future Investment Initiative in October in Riyadh as part of the campaign to promote foreign investment in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia, a decades-long U.S. ally, felt neglected by President Barack Obama's pursuit of a 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, Riyadh's regional rival.

Trump has suggested he may break the agreement in May, prompting critics to say that any such move would spark a nuclear arms race in the region between the Saudis and the Iranians, who have threatened to disown the 2015 accord if the United States walks away.

Trump's administration has been firmly behind the Sunni kingdom as it frames all its conflicts as part of a confrontation with Shiite Iran. Lotta bad things are happening in Iran.