The Omnibus Spending Bill Is a Fiscal Embarrassment

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Earlier, the president fueled speculation that he would veto the bill, issuing a tweet expressing frustration that Congress did not come to a deal on DACA, codifying amnesty for so-called "Dreamer" illegal aliens, and lamenting that a wall on the southern border was not funded.

"The administration remains disappointed that this bill does not defund Planned Parenthood, which was included in the president's budget proposal submitted to Congress earlier this year", said White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley. "We were, in a sense, forced [to sign] if we wanted to build our military".

Trump only reluctantly backed the bill he would have to sign, according to Republican lawmakers and aides, who acknowledged the deal involved necessary trade-offs for the Democratic votes that were needed for passage despite their majority lock on Congress. "I'm not going to do it again", he added. "It's only hours old".

The bill provides $1.6 billion for border security measures including secondary fencing, levee fencing, pedestrian fencing and replacement fencing.

Both congressmen have proposed creative solutions to bring a clean, standalone Dream Act to a vote, like invoking the "Queen of the Hill" rule, which would allow members of Congress to debate every DACA bill that's been proposed so far. If the bill doesn't get a stamp of approval from the Senate and a John Hancock from the president by midnight tomorrow, the government will shut down again.

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Leaders delivered on President Donald Trump's top priorities of boosting Pentagon coffers and starting work his promised border wall, while compromising with Democrats on funds for road building, child care development, fighting the opioid crisis, and more.

The Good: The Department of Energy (DOE) gets $34.5 billion, an increase of almost $4 billion over the FY'17 enacted level. "This legislation also gives principals and school personnel additional resources and training to address school violence, and provides increased funding for mental health services for schools".

One provision strengthens compliance with background checks for firearm sales, and another reverses what has essentially served as a ban on federal research on gun violence.

The Conservative wing of Trump's party had panned the bill because of its spending increases and some deficit hawks cheered Trump's threat to veto it.

"And I'm sure he wasn't too happy about it, either", Trump said. The measure, which was a must-pass to avert a government shutdown, was approved in quick succession by the House and Senate on Thursday and the wee hours of Friday morning, respectively.