Apple to fix bug that allows Siri to read hidden notifications

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Even with the "Show Previews" featured set to display only "When Unlocked"(Settings Notifications Show Previews), you can still ask Siri to read any hidden notifications out loud by saying "Hey Siri, read my notifications". The temporary solution revolves around disabling your notifications on the lock screen, so anyone with unauthorized access to your iOS device can access it.

To hide or show message content on the Lock screen, go into Settings Notifications, choose the app, select Previews and then choose your option.

If you want to lock your phone down until Apple implements a patch, there is a way to avoid any nosey people from getting on your phone. As for now, share your views regarding the Siri bug in the comments section below. In a statement issued to Apple Insider, Apple already confirmed that it is working on the fix. However, with the bug within iOS 11.3, anybody can ask Siri things like "read my last note" or "read my last email" without any security blocks. "Apple is aware of the issue and it will be addressed in an upcoming software update", Apple said.

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Apple is always quick to come up with fixes for bugs that are highly publicized or those that gain a lot of media attention.

Apple started hiding notification previews by default when it rolled out iOS 11 previous year.

Not only the loophole is there in current iPhones but is also there in beta versions of iOS 11.3. According to a report by 9To5Mac, the bug here applies only to third-party applications such WhatsApp, Messenger and Slack but not to Apple's own Messages app where Siri reads out content only once the phone is unlocked.