Fortnite Battle Royale event at E3 brings celebs, esports pros together

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Drake's favorite game is available on iOS right now for a select few people.

In the App Store, Fortnite is marked as an "Invite Event", which means you can download it to your device, but you'll need an approved Epic Games account to get into the app.

To get the game on iOS, you can sign up here.

Epic Games has some major plans heading into E3 2018 revolving around Fortnite, as it looks like the biggest video game convention in the country is about to be turned into a massive celebrity tournament. And with Fortnite Battle Royale making its way to mobile, could Fortnite's Save the World mode see a similar fate or would it killed off as some reports have suggested?

Overwatch is a possibility too, if it wanted to take the colorful Fortnite approach, but the way the game's abilities are set up it might be a little more hard to go for those large scale games.

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When you receive your invite it's simply a matter of activating your account and logging into the app. However, he also lamented the lack of directional audio from the PC and console versions of the game, and pointed out that a handful of sound issues made it hard for him to hear opponents coming.

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Having turned into an overnight phenomenon, Fortnite is finally available to download on the iOS App Store. The website crashed for a short period of time as gamers bombarded Epic's website, but everything appears to have gone relatively smoothly as the first invites for the event began rolling out on Thursday afternoon.

To play on iOS, you'll need any of the following devices updated to iOS 11. Fort now, they have released the Fortnite game only for the iOS users. If you want to connect a PS4 controller to your iOS device, you'll have to go through various steps.

One particular popular feature of the game is its cross-platform capability.

If your friend has already signed up and been approved, they should have received invite codes, which they can pass onto to gain immediate access.

Any iPad or device that falls outside these minimum specs won't be able to play the game. Will you be playing on iOS?Let us know down the comments!