Explosives target IDF soldiers along Gaza border fence

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Media sources said an Israeli drone fired three missiles at a site, east of Beit Hanoun, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, causing excessive property damage, and moderately wounding one Palestinian, who was rushed to a hospital in nearby Beit Lahia.

The report concluded that the Israeli military's targeting and internal investigations complied with its obligations under worldwide law, with Haaretz noting that "many of its conclusions read like a rebuttal to global criticism of Israeli actions in the Strip during the war".

There were no Israeli injuries reported in the IED attack.

Two explosive devices were detonated near the border fence along the northern Gaza Strip early Thursday morning. Israel's government has said that it holds Hamas, which has complete political and military control over the Gaza Strip, responsible for any violence emanating from the territory.

However, in accordance with its policy of holding the Hamas terrorist group, which rules the Strip, responsible for any act of violence emanating from the coastal enclave, the army said it targeted several of the organization's military positions.

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Israel said the IEDs were detonated "toward" soldiers in a vehicle on the Israeli side of the fence near the northeastern Gaza Strip at around 6:00 am.

Israel's state Comptroller issued a report that sums up investigations into the army's conduct during its 2014 Operation Protective Edge on the Gaza strip, highlighting a number of shortcomings with regards to the application of worldwide law.

Israel warplanes attacked 18 "terror targets belonging to Hamas" in Gaza in response to the blast, which severely wounded two of the soldiers, and a subsequent Palestinian rocket attack on southern Israel.

The Israeli army said at the time that soldiers fired "warning shots" at a number of Palestinians approaching the border fence "in a suspicious manner" but could not confirm Palestinian casualties.