Company May Open Verification Up To Everyone — Twitter Verification

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In a Periscope live stream, Dorsey said that although the open verification proposal is being developed, intricate details of the process are yet to be confirmed.

Twitter envisioned the feature as a way to differentiate genuine accounts from imposters, though users view it as an endorsement of the user. While the accounts were real and the users were arguably people of interest, providing them with the blue check mark seemed to some users like Twitter giving them a seal of approval rather than simply verifying their identity.

The current verification process is controlled by Twitter, which Dorsey admitted can unavoidably appear as though the company is endorsing certain kinds of accounts.

Twitter Verification - what does it mean, and how do you get verified?

Introduced in 2009, initially, the blue check mark distinction was bestowed primarily on celebrities, athletes and public figures to check impersonators.

Dorsey also adds that identity, as well as anonymity, is an important part of Twitter, and he wants the platform to be a safe space for someone to speak their mind without sharing identifiable information that would "put them in the way of harm".

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Correct! Twitter paused its verification program back in November - the application form has since been taken down - when it verified controversial accounts, one of which belonging to the man who organized the alt-right rally in Charlottesville.

"The main problem is, we use [the checkmark] to mean identity", Twitter director of product David Gasca says.

Although Twitter does not have the tools to measure the effectiveness of longer content, Dorsey says increasing the character limit to 280 and implementing threads has been helpful. Subsequently, the company began verifying other high-profile figures, including journalists, which made the checkmark perceived as a status symbol on the platform.

Wait, wasn't Twitter verification paused?


In January, Twitter noted that blocking world leaders from the platform would "hamper necessary discussion around their words and actions", following an incident where US President Donald Trump inexplicably taunted North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un over the size of his "nuclear button".