Amazon might give Alexa more intelligent real-time translation powers

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Alexa is a skilled digital assistant that is capable of a great many things.

Alexa can already translate basic terms and phrases in German, French, Italian, and Spanish but Amazon wants to improve on the system.

The issue seems to be with Amazon's US-East-1 data centers, which has been available to customers for several years. Just like Microsoft translator and Google Translate, Alexa could place many language translators out of business. With visitors increasingly starting their browsing on Amazon instead of Google, the world's largest search engine has been linking up with a range of retailers in the USA including Whole Foods, Costco and Walmart whose items are available through its shopping and delivery service Google Express. However, this only works for short sentences and words.

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Others are trying similar tactics-the Google Translate app can translate a two-way conversation with an internet connection, though without the promise of understanding cultural context. If Amazon is able to bring that to Alexa, its translation feature may become more useful in real-time moments, as pointed out by Mashable. Like with the Pixel Buds, Bragi's own device wasn't met with much success, as pointed out by The Verge.

Amazon says users are now able to ask for information on the show before it takes place, as well as get live updates on the awards by asking questions of the voice assistant such as "Alexa, who won the award for Best Actress?". All good stuff, though one potentially game-changing skill that is coming to Alexa is real-time language translation.