New Yorker arrested in Japan over severed head in suitcase

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Police went to an apartment Bayraktar was renting and arrested him on suspicion of "confining a woman", but it was in another lodging he had "booked" that they found a woman's head in a suitcase, Japanese media reported.

Law enforcement received a tip that Bayraktar was keeping a woman locked up in the apartment.

Video footage taken by a surveillance camera at the first apartment showed the man and the woman entering the building together.

The arms and legs appeared to have been severed with a sharp knife. He has reportedly denied the allegations.

The Hyogo Prefectural Police set up a special investigative unit for the case, which is being treated as abandonment of a corpse.

Then, late on Sunday, police discovered an unclothed torso in a mountainous part of the wider Osaka prefecture.

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Cops initially believed he had held the woman captive.

The torso and two arms were uncovered in Shimamoto, and the legs were found in Yamashina. However, the woman was not found inside. There were no traces of wounds besides the cuts made to sever the body parts.

The American was arrested on February 22 for "confining" a missing 27-year-old woman, from Sanda in the Hyogo Prefecture of Japan, who had been missing since February 16, in the apartment he was staying in. According to local reports, the security footage shows Bayraktar entering and exiting the apartment with a suitcase multiple times.

The mother of an American male in custody in connection with the disappearance of a 27-year-old woman, who police believe is dead, told Nippon News Network (Feb. 25) that their son has a fondness for Japan.

On Monday reporters from a flurry of news stations from around the world were on the block of Mastic Beach in Long Island where Bayraktar lived. On February 15 she told a... After he was interrogated, police say Bayraktar told them he buried the woman's body in three different areas in western Japan.

Police reportedly plan to serve a new warrant for the American's arrest for the disposal and damaging of a body.