U.S. health officials reverse stance on AstraZeneca's flu vaccine

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The flu vaccine is only 25% effective against the worst strain of the virus, according to a new report from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

It's important to note that the state health department only tracks flu deaths in pregnant women and children.

From Oct. 1 through Sunday, Ballad's hospitals recorded 4,152 positive influenza cases and 23 flu-related deaths, two more than had been reported through February 10, according to statistics released Monday. "We really do believe in acceptance of the vaccine, the flu vaccine".

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Among the 59, four people ranging in age from 59 to 80 with histories of chronic disease died of their complications, Chuang said, but only two of the four had not gotten a flu vaccine. The vaccine may also reduce the severity of symptoms if you get the flu despite getting vaccinated, according to experts.

The OSDH said 3,440 hospitalizations have been reported in the state since the flu season officially began September 1. Researcher also relied on medical records of vaccination, which might not record every woman who received vaccines during pregnancy. Of those newborns, 25,222 were hospitalized and 157 died within the first six months of life.

To assess the safety of the flu and Tdap vaccines, Sukumaran and her colleagues gathered information from the Vaccine Safety Datalink, a collaboration between the CDC and eight health care systems across the nation. "This study further adds to a body of already reassuring work, which shows that influenza and pertussis vaccines are a safe thing to have while you're pregnant".