Google Pay App Finally Rolling Out on Android

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A number of popular apps have already been upgraded to support Google Pay, including Airbnb, HungryHouse and Fandango, with more coming soon.

If you're using Google Pay to pay online or in an app, look for a button or option that says "Buy with GPay" (you can also select older Android Pay/Google Wallet logos/options).

The new application will replace mainstream payment services - Android Pay and Google Wallet, the California-based company said in a recent blog post. The new Home tab will show you all of your Google Pay related stuff front and center, including recent purchases, available cards, rewards cards, and nearby stores.

Google Pay is now taking off for clients and it will supplant the Android Pay application, and will incorporate highlights from the Google wallet.

GOOGLE HAS begun to roll out Google Pay as a replacement for Google Wallet and Android Pay.

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This isn't actually the first time that Google has placed security features that dealt with privacy concerns over apps that run in the background. This app is now matching the same design as Google Pay, which is good news. It would seem that Google Pay will be stretched out to all Google items, which goes past Android. More than 70 utilities and direct-to-home services are on board to accept bill payments, and the feature will roll out to users over the next few weeks.

While Google has rebranded its Wallet app (which lets you to send and request money) as Google Pay Send for now, this feature will eventually be baked into Google Pay as well. And, if such apps attempt to embark on the camera, the Android P would be powerful enough to shut it off and display an error message to the user.

It is understandable if an app created to record audio requests microphone permissions, but when you have a flashlight app that's requesting camera and location access, it should set off some flags.

If you would like to check out GPay, you can download the app right now through the Play Store. The one app for every service allows you to not have to worry about making sure you have all of the information you need on each app.