It's easier than ever to travel with Project Fi - The Keyword

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Project Fi is adding 37 countries and territories where data coverage costs the same $10 per GB as it does domestically. Prior to today, Project Fi was already available in 135 countries.

The new additions are spread out across the globe, including Algeria, Georgia, Morocco, Myanmar, and Uganda. You'll still pay the usual $10/GB, no matter where you are and SMS usage is unlimited, too.

T-Mobile, which offers boundless universal information for the vast majority of its post-paid plans, says it covers "140+ nations". Odds are that Project Fi now has you canvassed in the majority of them.

Google wants you to have one less thing to worry about on your next trip.

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To top this feature off, Project Fi will scan your Gmail account for any upcoming trips and tell you ahead of time whether or not you'll have cellular coverage at your destination.

As Google Product Manager Jean Choi highlights, the data you use overseas costs the same as the data used in the United States - $10 per GB used (although things get a bit more complicated if you use Google's recently announced Bill Protection feature).

Google also recently introduced its own version of an unlimited plan for Project Fi. The app has these notifications turned on by default but users will have the option to turn them off.