Apple updates HomePod support page, warns about marks on wood

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Should you give the smart speaker pride of place on a mantelpiece, right next to your favorite sports star's bobblehead?

Ever since it was launched, one of the major issues with the smart speaker was that Siri was not "smart" enough, especially compared with the capabilities of the Amazon Echo's Alexa and the Google Home's Google Assistant. The £39 price for two years will ensure the HomePod is protected against damage, even if it's accidental, and even with the £29 excess fee, the £68 cost for a fix is a lot more palatable.

APPLE HAS SHRUGGED OFF CLAIMS that its HomePod speaker is leaving an unsightly white ring on wooden furniture.

Apple also suggested to the review site the Wirecutter "try cleaning the surface with the manufacturer's suggested oiling method".

"This seems like an issue that should have been caught during the period where HomePod was being widely tested at home by many Apple employees". The company said the marks will often "go away" after a few days if you move the speaker somewhere else.

Some people who bought the just-released $349 speaker, dubbed the HomePod, are reporting that it leaves a white ring on the surfaces of wooden furniture.

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Apple notes that the silicone on the base of the speaker can "leave mild marks when placed on some wooden surfaces". In its write-up, The Wirecutter said that it tested the HomePod on other surfaces with no visible marks, including "glass, granite countertop, nice MDF, polyurethane-sealed wood, and cheap IKEA bookcases".

The company added: "If not, wiping the surface gently with a soft damp or dry cloth may remove the marks".

While it produces fantastic audio, Apple's new HomePod smart speaker has also annoyed early users with obtuse software limitations, a lack of real Bluetooth connectivity, and missing multi-room playback support that won't come until later this year.

Apple has responded to this controversy by publishing a support page with some suggested tips.

I can't imagine how my head would have popped if I found out that my new HomePod had marked up my wooden table after days or a month of use.