Flu Cases Show Signs Of Decreasing From Late December Highs

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They say it is not too late to be immunized. "Facilities that are experiencing high rates of flu should ensure that they are cleaning and disinfecting regularly and that ill individuals are isolated to help prevent additional cases of the flu".

According to the most recent CDC report, the flu is still widespread across the country.

"That's a signal of how very intense this flu season has been". The vaccine's effectiveness against the H3N2 flu strain remains questionable. "I asked them yesterday, and I said, 'I know you don't know for sure, but what are we looking at?' They said, 'It's probably going to be months'".

Reporting adult deaths from the flu is not required, so the state does not track that information, said Nikki Laska, a spokeswoman for the department.

"Hopefully the B strain we are shifting to is covered in the vaccine", Schulz said.

The CDC says we are only in week 11 of the flu and usually lasts 20 weeks, and the worst could still be yet to come, "Flu is incredibly hard to predict and we don't know if we've hit the peak yet.so we could potentially see several more weeks of increased flu activity".

"Given that traditional surveillance systems provide data with a lag time of one to two weeks, this means that estimates of future flu activity may actually be improved up to four or five weeks earlier", he added.

You have a few more shots to get a free flu shot to help battle this particularly brutal flu season.

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The report said 1 of every 13 doctor visits last week were for fever, cough and various other flu symptoms.

It was unclear whether the outbreak had reached its peak yet or if it would get worse, she said. The flu season, however, can continue as late as May. The agency hasn't identified evidence to suggest flu-related hospitalizations are leveling off, Anne Schuchat, MD, acting CDC director, told reporters on a media call Friday.

He said ideally there needs to be a match between the flu strains, the vaccine and the flu that will eventually circulate among people for the vaccine to be fully effective.

The national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends a yearly flu vaccine for everyone 6 months and older.

Flu shots cost $30 during its regular hours of operation Monday-Thursday.

The season has been dominated by the H3N2 flu strain, which usually is more virulent, but the virus itself doesn't seem to be much different from previous H3N2 strains.

Flu symptoms can be similar to a less-serious illness like the common cold, ranging from a sore throat and runny nose to vomiting, body aches, fevers, cough and extreme tiredness.