Google Wants To Bring Smart Replies To More Chat Apps

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The app is now in development by Google's Area 120 team.

One of Allo's highlight features is Smart Reply, where the app guesses what you might respond to a message with, and adds a button to send that response.

In an email that was sent out to individuals signed up for Area 120's Early Access Program, Reply is said to work with Hangouts, Allo, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Android Messages, Skype, Slack, and even Twitter DMs.

That means when you're driving, Reply can silence your phone and tell people who message you that you can't chat right now. "Alert messages" feature in which if your phone is silent and you have a prior meeting or work, your phone will give you update on that event.

For the uninitiated, Smart Reply is Google's clever artificial intelligence-based feature that generates a set of clickable replies based on the context of the message.

Google's Smart Reply, introduced in 2016, uses the firm's neural network to intelligently analyse a message's content to suggest an appropriate response.

'What if replying were literally one tap away?

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Android Messages has already rolled out limited - but official - support for Smart Replies, we should note.

The replies take into consideration the user's current location to help with crafting the correct response - like a "yes" or "no" if you've arrived somewhere, or the time it will take you to drive to a given location, for example. Last month, Google announced the addition of Smart Reply within Messages for those users on its mobile phone service, Project Fi.

Now it seems that Google wants to bring the feature to more chat apps, and not just those made by Google.

"Reply puts the Smart Reply you may know from Google right into notifications from the chat apps you use most often", the invitation reads.

No release date is now known, but users can fill out a form for a chance to beta test the feature. Reply will be able to silence users' phone when they are driving, and it will also inform people who send a message that the user can not chat at the moment.

The other features that Reply brings include Do not disturb.