Drones set a Guinness World Record at the Winter Olympics

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This time around it included a light show performance from Intel that used a record-setting 1,218 drones, all flying in sync to create imagery including the interlocking Olympic rings and sports events like snowboarding.

"It's been exciting for us to partner with Intel on the Winter Olympics, as they continue to push the limits with their advanced drone light show technologies", said Sam Prosser, commercial director EMEA APAC Guinness World Records. Wired explains it nicely: "After animators draw up the show using 3-D design software, each individual drone gets assigned to act as a kind of aerial pixel, filling in the 3-D image against the night sky".

"And while more drones does provide a broader canvas, it perhaps more importantly affords a better sense of depth".

The Winter Olympics rehearsal surpassed Intel's 2016 Guinness World Record of 500 drones flown simultaneously in Germany. Intel designed and developed custom animations for the opening ceremony and nightly victory ceremony performances, which include animations of different sports and various Olympic-related logos including the formation of the iconic Olympic rings. They'll pop up throughout the Winter Olympics during medal ceremonies. You might remember a similar spectacle at Lady Gaga's 2017 Super Bowl half-time show, but that only involved about 300 drones. The Unmanned Aerial Vehicles themselves are fitted with LED lights to produce a virtually unlimited number of color combinations, with each 384mm x 384mm (15.1 inch x 15.1 inch) quadcopter weighing in at 330g (0.73lbs).

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Though the show presented during the opening ceremony wasn't actually live-it was reportedly filmed in December-the spectacle was impressive.

These drones are the handy work of Intel.

Previously, South Korea's PyeongChang Olympics Organizing Committee has pledged to make the Olympics an "ICT Olympics" that highlights Korea's technological prowess on diverse fronts, be it the next-generation 5G network or robotics. The fleet is controlled by one computer and one pilot.