Typing "lobster" now easier than eating them thanks to emoji

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The final list for Emoji 11.0 has been finalized and it features 157 new emoji.

In what is definitely the biggest news to hit the state of ME possibly ever, there will soon be an official lobster emoji.

King - Maine's mustached, independent senator, as well as outspoken lobster advocate and owner of the best Instagram account in Congress, who frequently sports his various lobster ties in the Capitol - celebrated the decision Wednesday.

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The Unicode Consortium, the nonprofit governing body responsible for determining which emojis get added each year, announced in a blog post Wednesday that the lobster will be released this year. If you've been feeling a bit perplexed as to how you can accurately describe that feeling when the blood drains from your face, the Consortium included a "cold face", and if the opposite is true, a "hot face".

The Unicode Consortium launched in 1988 with a mission to create global standards for software and data.

Angus King says the emoji is long-overdue and a cause for celebration for lobster lovers. More than 5,400 people signed an online petition calling for the addition of the lobster. These images are just samples and vendors for mobile phones, PCs, and web platforms will typically use images that fit their overall emoji designs.