ESPN To Enter The Streaming Service Business With ESPN Plus

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"We've actually been talking to them for a long time", Iger said of Benioff and Weiss. Iger says this interface will feature more cutosmtization and personalization than past attempts.

Instead, the ESPN Plus service comes with what Iger called a "greatly expanded array of programs" and live sports that aren't now available on TV. The app will also provide what the WatchESPN does now with streaming feeds of ESPN's family of networks along with option to subscribe to the complementary ESPN+.

He believes that subscribers are expecting the new streaming service to be populated with Disney products and that the company's ability to offer consumers these big name franchises means it won't need to flood its service with expensive hit-or-miss content. All of this extra live action will be events that won't appear on ESPN's linear networks.

The still unnamed ESP standalone streaming service will come via its own app, initially available for iOS, Android, and even Chromecast. The catch is that those opting for that route will have to be an ESPN subscriber by "traditional or non-traditional" methods.

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ESPN has struggled over the past year as it loses subscribers at a rapid pace, based mostly on the continuation of the cord-cutting revolution. "People that were once called "cord-nevers" are starting to adopt less-expensive [video] packages". A loss at BAMTech and decline at ESPN were partially offset by growth at the Disney Channels and Freeform.

Media and Networks revenue hit $6.24 billion for the quarter, aligning more or less with the Street's $6.35 billion, and Cable of $4.49 billion likewise just under the Street's $4.53 billion. And while the network has lost approximately 12 percent of its sub base since February 2013, its steadily-increasing affiliate fees help make up for the shrinkage of its linear footprint.

First and foremost, the service might exclude SportsCenter and other programming key to the ESPN channel. But ESPN lost more viewers on top of the previous quarter's 3 percent decline - and advertising revenue fell 11 percent year-over-year. "The demand for those brands, we believe, will give us the ability to spend less on volumes", said Iger, on a conference call on February 6. ABC finished the quarter in last place among the key sales demo, averaging 1.48 million adults 18-to-49 per night, according to Nielsen C3 data. The division's profit slid 1 percent to $858 million.