Send SMSs with Alexa using your voice

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As TechCrunch highlights, getting set up to send SMS messages with Alexa requires a small bit of prep. If you're now the proud owner of an Echo device you'll know that you can send messages between Echo devices, but this new feature allows you to send more traditional text messages using only your voice. However, by switching over to SMS, you can send texts to anyone in your contacts. All the texts sent would reflect in the smartphone's text app, notes CNN.

Alexa sends the SMS using their mobile phone, which means that carrier charges may apply.

Previously Echo could send a text-based message to a user, but the sender and the receiver both needed to be running the Alexa app and have an Echo device.

Alexa loses her voice in Amazon's new Super Bowl LII ad.

Amazon says that there's no plan to extend the feature to iOS users right now since Apple doesn't offer its messaging software to third parties like Android does.

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This feature should be available to use now, but at least for the time being, you'll need to have an Android phone in order for this to work.

According to 9to5Google, recent versions of the Google app on Android includes a new, hidden code that lets users add their custom hotword for waking up their device. Yes, customers can now send SMS to others via Alexa. In 2016, eight months after Echo's launch, Amazon splashed out on its very first Super Bowl ad, putting the smart speaker (oh, and Alec Baldwin) front and center.

US users can even bolt a full home service to Alexa, and it surely won't be long before the same is true here.

Previously, Alexa could only send messages to other Alexa-powered devices. Unfortunately, the ability to text to 911, groups, and MMS (picture and video) are not supported.