WWE Royal Rumble 2018

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If you're not already bouncing off the walls in anticipation.

Same thing for WWE.

You sign up for the WWE Network without a commitment. And there is nothing wrong with that. I thought it was better than Omega-Okada, and I thought that was one of the best matches I've ever seen.

Where can I watch the Royal Rumble 2018 online and on TV? History will be made as the men and women compete in their own Royal Rumble bouts on the very same show.

Still, if he is the favourite with the bookmakers, chances are they know something we don't. "I'm going to find that video one day".

"I think first and foremost we would have to make Ronda Rousey a part of the WWE roster". Nothing at the Royal Rumble, or for the rest of 2018, is going to beat this. Rousey is filming a movie in South America, and won't be the mysterious 30 entrant.

The Revival took the squash loss on Monday at Raw 25, so they get their win back here, which makes total sense given the circumstances.

Such an event might upset fans of Asuka, a highly accomplished and beloved wrestler who has never been beaten in a WWE match. "I don't think we will have made it until we have women main eventing WrestleMania". Nia Jax and Becky Lynch follow with 6/1 odds. Why not have Ember Moon show up as one of the final contestants? "For Ronda, I have no idea but that's the excitement behind the Royal Rumble". There doesn't seem to be concrete plans in place for either Rollins or Jordan for WrestleMania, which means they could just hold the titles until then.

Undertaker is linked with a Wrestlemania match against John Cena
GETTYUndertaker is linked with a Wrestlemania match against John Cena

Enjoy and get ready for as much LOLREIGNSWINS as you can handle.

This is not founded on anything, and it could just be a pure hope since it would excite me personally.

Although she said a Royal Rumble appearance is off the table, she did not decline something is in the works.

Anyone remember Zack Ryder's intercontinental title win at WrestleMania 32?

But maybe Vince McMahon and WWE don't care.

Nakamura is the favorite, but oddsmakers also gave nods to 2015 Rumble champion Roman Reigns and Smackdown general manager Daniel Bryan as possible winners. Without Dean Ambrose, shield activity has taken a hit. If they hate somebody, they will boo you out of the building. Have newly minted, yes, NEWLY minted Universal Champion Braun Strowman enter at 30 toss Reigns and everyone else out and leave Shinsuke Nakamura in the ring to win it.

Team Sebastian won all but one of their matches at PWR Live: Kingdom Come on January 21 with Ralph Imabayashi grabbing the PWR championship for the second time after beating Chris Panzer.

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