Buses for Apple employees 'attacked' with pellet guns, company suspects

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It's being reported that at least five buses used to transport Apple employees to the company's headquarters have had their windows smashed by what is suspected to be pellet guns during the last week.

At least four shuttles have been attacked between 12-16 January.

The union representing shuttle drivers who drove two of the Apple buses struck Tuesday, Teamsters Local 853, described the incidents as a "pellet gun attack" in a statement.

The report quoted Montiel as saying that if someone has targeted the buses, they will be on screen soon; they can not hide themselves for so long.

An internal Apple employee memo on the incident says coaches are being re-routed for the time being and that the detours could result in longer commute times for employees.

All of the attacks have occurred on Highway 280 so both Google and Apple have decided it best to reroute the commute to avoid the area.

Apple reported the incidents to the police with the description of a suspect. The buses suffered broken windows.

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Officer Art Montiel, of the CHP, confirmed to Mashable that his agency is working with Apple to investigate, and that there have been several reports of an "unknown object" breaking shuttle windows. The route change "could mean an additional 30 to 40 minutes of commute time in each direction for some riders", the email explained.

Following the incidents Apple sent an e-mail to its employees, saying that its coaches had been temporarily rerouted.

The shuttle buses were not marked with the logo of the tech company using them.

While the exact method by which the buses are being attacked remains unclear, that fact that real damage has been done is not. Four years ago, Google buses were attacked in protests against gentrification and increasing living costs amplified by the presence of tech companies.

Interestingly, the buses involved in this latest incident don't include branding indicating they come from a major tech corporation.

However, the buses of each of the tech firms are a distinct colour: Google's are white, Apple's are silver and Facebook's are blue.

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