Swatting suspect makes first court appearance

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Kansas state law says that involuntary manslaughter is "a killing that was unintentional which resulted from recklessness or during another unlawful act". He could end up with a felony conviction of 36 months in jail & a $300k fine.

The woman told police she believed she was the victim of a swatting call - when someone makes a phoney emergency call aimed at sending tactical officers to a certain location.

The false call made by Barriss is believed to have been the result of an online dispute between two Call of Duty players. For that reason, the investigation remains ongoing and the charges against Barriss could be modified.

When Finch opened the door he was caught off guard and made a move to cover his eyes-being blinded at the time by the presence of police spotlights. He died not long after in a local hospital.

"Two young children lost their father because of the unjustified actions of a Wichita police officer".

When he raised his hands suddenly, police say, a officer who was standing in a driveway across the street shot him.

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The Los Angeles man at the center of what is believed to be the first fatal "swatting" incident in the US has been charged with manslaughter in connection with a hoax phone call that led to a deadly shooting in Kansas, records show.

"I'll continue to analyze this case", he said.

Several players later took to Twitter claiming that one gamer had made the call, but rather than giving his own address, he gave what he thought was the address of the other player with whom he had been arguing. The account has been suspended. Finch was not armed. She also said he wasn't a part of the gaming community. "He has better things to do with his time". Just one week before the deadly Wichita call, Barriss reportedly called in a false threat at a Calgary woman's apartment.

Siegenthaler said a man called 911 on December 22 claiming he had shot his father and was holding his mom and younger brother hostage.

Barriss will appear in court on Friday to be read his charges.