Two women die from flu virus in Tulare County

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He said Birmingham area hospitals are at or over normal capacity due to a large number of people with flu or flu-like illnesses.

There have been more than 38,000 total flu-associated hospitalizations in OH since flu season began last October.

It says one adult between the ages of 50 to 64 died at some point between October first through December 30th.

Residents suffering from flu-like symptoms can take solace they're not alone after Hays County officials estimated more than 300 confirmed cases of the virus at the end of December.

However, it is noted that these cases may have been caused by other acute medical conditions or underlying diseases that could've affected the flu.

Getting a flu shot is the best preventative measure and it's never too late, Scherzer added. Estimates are that it's about 32% effective, while last year it was 39% effective and most years it's 40% to 60% effective. According to the Denton County Public Health Department, officials have 2,000 vaccine doses in stock.

"If you already have the flu we'd advise people to follow the message "Catch It, Bin It, Kill It".

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"This season is a mirrored reflection of 2013-2014, which was one of the more serious flu seasons of the past decade".

It seems like we hear the same thing every flu season - it's going to be bad this year.

Schneider said influenza is a very common viral infection, that for most people, just causes fatigue, body aches, a low-grade fever and other minor symptoms for a few days. "Recognizing the early symptoms of this disease and consulting your healthcare provider, so you can get on an antiviral medicine like Tamiflu or Relenza, is advice that could lessen the severity of the disease for you". They include the Tri City Health Partnership in St. Charles, which serves people who are uninsured or underinsured; it has ample vaccines on hand, said Kim Lamansky, executive director.

The first Swine Flu death this month was reported on January 4. However, some have chronic health problems and the flu can lead to complications ranging from moderate to life-threatening.

"We ask that people educate themselves regarding when to come to the emergency room and when to stay home", Rohler said.

The H3N2 virus, a.k.a. influenza A, is the main strain making people sick, and it's tough to fight.