Ever wonder how alligators survive during icy weather?

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Alligators living at the Shallotte River Swamp Park in Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina, have adapted to the state's unusual weather by poking their noses through the ice to survive.

In the video, an alligator is seen sticking its snout out of a frozen swamp. The gators break a hole in the ice covered waters they call home to breath before retreating into the water to rest for extended periods of time.

Howard says they lower their body temperature and metabolism under water to survive. The family-owned outdoor adventure park's "alligators on ice" video has received tens of thousands of views on Facebook. But that's no problem, according to the park's accompanying blog post.

Alligators then enter "a state of brumation, like hibernating".

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"It's a survival mechanism", said George Howard, the general manager of the park. At least not while the water is still frozen around them. The water in the swamp was warmer than the air, explained Howard.

The "bomb cyclone" that froze the eastern seaboard of the United States last week forced many to take extreme measures to stay warm and stay alive, including a group of rather inventive alligators in North Carolina.

"Just shows you how smart they are, and how wonderful it is to see them do this exact survival technique, no matter how horrific it looks to us humans", posted Linda McMullan on Facebook.